Bollywood Production House

Derby Entertainment is a production house that was established as a joint venture between directors and producers, for the sole purpose of providing high quality content for entertainment of the Indian as well as International audience. The team at Derby Entertainment is actively involved in producing high quality content by engaging story writers, researching the market for what is is in trend with the general public, identifying opportunities to produce unique content for the audience, auditioning and selection of actors to suit the roles of the character, cinematography, post production and pitching the finished product to the distributors or buyers for release in theaters or online digital platforms. We produce full length Hindi feature films, short films, album songs and web series for the Indian and International audience. In short, we deal with all aspects of movie making and production of entertainment material from conception to completion




Mumbaiyya is an Narrative Action Drama flim. The story revolves around the dark side of Mumbai underworld and Bollywood glamour industry. Arhaan a young, dynamic personality who lives in Mumbai, is a daredevil, lives a lavish life , unquestioned due to his standard and impressions, a Knight Hawk partying Rowdy. He earns this exotic living by unlawful means. He is generous at heart and a thorough man of his words and promises, he lives all by himself and every time escapes from the hands of the policemen using his skills. One day on his way he meets Amaaya, a girl from a village in Bihaar who has come to Mumbai in search of her fiancee, who promised her that one day he will call her to Mumbai after pursuing his passion to be an actor in Bollywood,Arhaan helps this girl out by finding her fiancee disclosing a shocking suspense.


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Loser is a short film, currently in post production, that sheds light on the change in the perception with regards to sex and sexuality among the people living a fast paced life in a metropolitan city of  Mumbai. It is about a young girl who has modern liberated thoughts  with regards to sex. She is approached by a young man, who is fascinated by her social media posts and live chats. As he is  very conservative and obsessed with his thought about virginity, she refuses to accept his friendship when he approaches her.Being rejected he feels quite frustrated with her demeanor and hostile behavior  towards him in a public place ,he is disheartened and out of vexation he rapes her thereby losing his own virginity, which was very precious to him. He soon realizes his mistake and starts to panic, as he is worried of getting accused of rape, if the girl  reports him to the police. It is then when this girl decides to get even with him in a manner that is totally unexpected. What she does next, dismantles all preconceived notions, the  male dominated society has formed about women's sexuality in the modern era, and depicts how womens’ attitude has changed over the time with regards to their sexuality and preferences. 



Tina Calling

This is a web series currently in production by Derby Entertainment featuring the lives and activity of ladies who work for a telephone sex call center who provide sexual chat services on the phone to customers. It reveals the personal lives of the phone sex workers, their customers, and how they too have routine ordinary lives but  are required to work as phone sex workers because of the problems they face in their lives. Some are into it for fun, some have to do it for money whereas some have other needs which they need to fulfill. Each episode is based on a story line, featuring the life of a particular phone sex worker, in that episode. The series is very colorful in dialogues and is intended primarily for the adult audience.


Khwaja Piya - Qawaali

Qawaali music video single

Dard Kam Nahi Hota

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